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Город Сломленных Мечтателей / City of Broken Dreamers [Chapter 10 (v.1.10.1) + Bonus + Walkthrough Mod] (2020) (Rus/Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android]

Категория: Игры / Games
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Дата добавления: 28.09.2021
Просмотров: 3 371
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Описание материала
Год выпуска: 2020
Жанр: 3DCG, male protagonist, sci-fi, anal, animated, big tits, graphic violence, milf, oral, romance, spanking, titfuck, vaginal, voyuerisum, stripping, futa, trans, bdsm, creampie, male domination
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: www.patreon.com/phillygames
Перевод: admin
Тестирование перевода: Pavel421, ardaric, BrainWashed
Тестирование Бонуса: Luron
Платформа: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android
Тип издания: В разработке
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: Chapter 10 (v.1.10.1)
Язык игры: Русский/Английский
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Английский

Системные требования (минимальные):
ОС Windows

Лос-Анджелес, 2042 год
Городом правят корпорации.
Город, которым правит элита.
Город, который олицетворяет все лучшее и худшее из Американской Мечты. Миллионы людей живут в блаженном неведении об излишествах богатых или деградации бедных. Руководители обладают большей властью чем политики, полиция - меньшей чем корпоративные наемники. Вы один из тех наемников, один из лучших, и элитный эшелон наемников называют Призраками... но ты не брался за работу несколько месяцев. Эта ситуация вот-вот изменится. В другом месте города молодая девушка станет центром конфликта, который может разорвать город на части. Пока ты будешь разыскивать ее, у тебя появятся союзники и враги, такие же как ты, которые использовались городом а затем выплевывались.
Кому ты будешь доверять? Кому ты сможешь это позволить?
У каждого из них свои мечты, свои мотивы, каждый сломлен по-своему. Все это сойдется воедино...
В городе сломленных мечтателей

Los Angeles, 2042
A city ruled by corporations.
A city ruled by the elite.
A city that exemplifies the best and worst of the American Dream.
Millions live their lives in almost blissful ignorance of the excesses of the rich, or the degradation of the poor. Executives hold more power than politicians, the police hold less power than corporate mercenaries.
You are one of those mercenaries, one of the best, and elite tier called Ghosts... but you haven't taken a job in months. That is about to change.
Elsewhere in the city, a young girl is about to become the center of a conflict that could tear the city apart.
As you track her down you'll have allies and enemies, others like you who have been used by the city and spit out. Who will you trust? Who can you afford to?
Each of them has their own dreams, their own motivations, each is broken in their own way. All of it will come together...
In the City of Broken Dreamers


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Город Сломленных Мечтателей / City of Broken Dreamers [Chapter 10 (v.1.10.1) + Bonus + Walkthrough Mod] (2020) (Rus/Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android]

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Причина: Тема обновлена. Добавлена русская версия Chapter 10 (v.1.10.1). / Topic updated. Added Russian version Chapter 10 (v.1.10.1). Большое спасибо за тестирoвание Pavel421, ardaric и BrainWashed.

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apk BrokenDreamers-1.10.1-Mods-Eng-universal-release.apk (986.01 Mb)
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zip Psych-2.0-mac-Rus.zip (103.01 Mb)
zip Psych-2.0-pc-Rus.zip (170.71 Mb)
apk BrokenDreamers-1.10.1-Mods-Rus-release-release.apk (987.83 Mb)
apk BrokenDreamers-1.10.1-Rus-release.apk (985.26 Mb)
zip BrokenDreamers-1.10.1-mac-Rus.zip (8.08 Gb)
zip BrokenDreamers-1.10.1-pc-Rus.zip (8.34 Gb)
zip BrokenDreamers_1.10fix1_scrappyMod-Rus.zip (5.65 Mb)
pdf City_of_Broken_Dreamers_1.08.1_Walkthrough.pdf (2.54 Mb)

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| adminот 26 сентября 2021 03:03

26 СЕНТ. 2021 Г. AT 00:38
Dev Update #103
Okay, fairly big scene in the bag. Was holding off till I had the last animation running before doing my post today. Next couple days is custom time! Poll is also out and I will be working on those Monday. So, hopefully I will have them ready for you guys Tuesday mid day.
As for the update decent deal on all fronts especially animations. Sitting at 125 renders now and 14 animations with one currently running in the background as I type this. Next week will be more render and writing focused as we knock out more story elements.
I also plan to adjust some GUI elements, nothing major. More sizing and such to make life easier.
Other than that I think I need to grab some beer!
As always guys, stay awesome!

| adminот 25 июля 2021 03:54

Dev Update #97
I hope you guys enjoyed those customs earlier this week. Those are ones I was really proud of. A load of fun to make in a really cool style of Carpenter Brut's Turbo Killer video. Here is one of the shots.

As for the game, this week rendering took a back seat to writing, code and testing. I wanted to focus on that since I was getting behind in that department. This next week I will continue focus there for the first few days till I feel things are in proper shape. It is looking sweet seeing a massive chunk fully in game and working.

And now my brain is fried so I will leave it there lol.
As always guys, stay awesome!

| adminот 5 июля 2021 05:55

JUL 5, 2021 AT 1:28 AM

Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th to our friends to the south!
Enjoy your day and make sure you have fun. I have celebrated it down there a few times and know how crazy you guys can get (in the best of ways) on this day, so remember to stay safe as well
I got a beer with me, so cheers!

| adminот 2 июля 2021 08:38

JUL 2, 2021 AT 12:17 AM
Happy Canada Day!
For all my fellow Canucks, Happy Canada Day. This has been a very strange year for us, for good and bad, but one thing that I think we can all get behind is Katie's bum :P

Now many outside of Canada may be thinking, "Why is she in the desert?" Well, over the last week we have seen a heatwave like we have never seen, even getting so hot it topped the highest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas. It is just a tad bonkers, and I hope everyone out west can manage to stay cool and safe.

| adminот 7 июня 2021 05:54

JUN 5, 2021 AT 9:44 PM
Dev Update #90
Okay, finished up for this week and will have to grab a beer and try to enjoy the outdoors a bit!
Figured some of you missed our Doc. We will be seeing a good deal of her soon.
The run down for this week is 75 new renders bring it up to 450 total, 7 new animations which takes that to 27 with another one currently cooking, I also really like the one that is going
I was initially going to do the poll for the custom renders last week with hopes I would be done the section I am in by today, but I still need one more day on it so I will hold that off till next week.
Things are looking good though, progress has been steady with no hiccups yet.
Now time for a beer... Or two.
As always guys, stay awesome!

| adminот 9 мая 2021 05:17

MAY 9, 2021 AT 12:39 AM

Dev Update #86
Another productive week on all fronts. Here is where we stand. Render count is doubled from last week up to 152 renders. There are also 3 more animations moving that to 5 with another getting setup to run for the rest of the day. A few more scenes have also been written as well, keeping that in line with everything else.

The May custom poll featuring Ellen is also out, so for ghost tier and up remember to cast your vote(s). I will start that as soon as the scene I am currently working on is complete. I suspect that will be around Wednesday or Thursday.
Past that I will keep this one short and sweet. You guys enjoy your weekend and remember to give your Mom's a call tomorrow.
As always, stay awesome!

| adminот 2 мая 2021 03:20

PhillyGames MAY 1, 2021 AT 10:44 PM

Dev Update #85
Okay, been back at it the last week, and this was a busy one.

I decided to tackle the most complex scene first, which is fully rendered out as of yesterday. It includes 75 renders and 2 animations, as well as the script has been all written for it. It is a really crazy scene and I am super happy with it.

I am also working on the walkthrough for the last couple chapters and should have that shortly. The other item I would like to start soon will be the customs for May. Look for a poll for that sometime this week. I haven't decided on a character or theme yet, so bear with me.

Past that, things are rolling again for Chapter 10!

As always guys, stay awesome!


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