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«Сила Веры» / Leap of Faith [Chapter 3 [v.0.3.2c] Rus / Chapter 6 [v.0.6.1c] Eng + Walkthrough] (2020) (Rus/Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android]

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Описание материала
Год выпуска: 2020
Жанр: 3DCG, male protagonist, big tits, big ass, animated, romance, handjob, vaginal
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: www.patreon.com/DriftyGames | discord.gg/2jqGPuD
Перевод: admin
Тестирование: Тайлер Дерден
Платформа: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android
Тип издания: В разработке
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: Chapter 3 [v.0.3.2c] Rus / Chapter 6 [v.0.6.1c] Eng
Язык игры: Русский/Английский
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Английский

Системные требования (минимальные):
ОС Windows

Однажды ты просыпаешься, понимая, что в жизни есть гораздо больше ценностей, чем она предлагает в данный момент. После 2-ух лет самобичевания из-за потерянной любви, ты наконец-то решаешь двигаться вперёд и начинаешь жить другой жизнью. Которая, благодаря твоему выбору и возможностям, поведёт тебя по пути, который ты и представить себе не мог.

«Сила веры» - это история о дружбе и романтических отношениях, о путешествии по жизни в юности. В игре на протяжении всего пути сохраняется комедийный тон, но в то же время иногда придётся решать и серьезные проблемы, которые возникнут на пути.

Глава 1 состоит из почти 500 изображении и анимаций в разрешении 1920х1080, с около 5000 строк исходного кода и диалогов, в качестве движка используется RenPy, сопровождаемого полностью лицензированным саундтреками.
В дополнение к обычным меню выбора VN, вам придётся взаимодействовать с телефоном в качестве инструмента для изучения возможностей или даже их открытия.В этой игре все сюжетные линии и продвижения по ним не будут зависеть только от диалогов...

You awake one day, realizing there's much more to life than it currently offers. Having spent 2 years sulking over lost love, you finally move forward to pursue a different life. Which, through choices and opportunities, will lead you down a path you never could have imagined.

Leap of Faith is a story about bonding through friendship and romance, and the journey through life in early adulthood. It keeps a comedic tone, while still at times addressing serious issues that arise along the way.

Chapter 1 consists of close to 500 stills and animations in full 1920x1080 resoultion, with about 5000 lines of source and dialogue, using RenPy as engine, accompanied by a fully licensed soundtrack.
In addition to the normal VN choice menus, you will have to interract with your phone as a tool to explore opportunities, or even discover them. This game does not intend to offer you every experience in it by advancing through dialogue alone.


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«Сила Веры» / Leap of Faith [Chapter 3 [v.0.3.2c] Rus / Chapter 6 [v.0.6.1c] Eng + Walkthrough] (2020) (Rus/Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android]

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| adminот 24 сентября 2021 16:15

24 СЕНТ. 2021 Г. AT 18:28

Dev Diary, September 24th, 2021
Got some things to address this week, so let's jump right into it.

Leap of Faith is no longer a public (free) release
After 18 months of being a free release, I had to move the Leap of Faith release behind a paywall. This is a direct result of things outside my control, and it's something I had to do to continue using Patreon as a platform. Because of it, chapter 1-6 is now available for every patreon, starting at $1.

Future releases
Chapter 7 (and most likely the 8th and final one), it will be released for the $10 tier and upwards on release date, with the patch being available for the $5 tier the following week.

Steam release?
Chapter 7 will be available on Steam. I'm hoping it will ready for release date, but if not, at least close to it. It's going to be a tough one, due to all the preparations with testing, remastering some scenes, adding achievements, getting approved and so forth, but hopefully. Chapter 8 will be added to it as an free update when it's ready.
The Cece figurine
The Cece figurine competition will be held on Steam release day (wether it's on the actual release date or later). More details when we're getting closer to release. For those of you that are new patreons, this is the mentioned figurine.
Guest appearance
I'm happy to say there will be another guest appearance from another VN in chapter 7. I've had a nice talk with the developer of that game, where we came up with some great ideas for shenanigans. It's going to be a fun one.

Overall weekly progress
This has been one of those weeks where the amount of work done doesn't really transpire into numbers. There aren't a lot of hospital assets for Daz, and also, they don't really work that well together. I had to make my own version of them in order to progress scenes naturally from location to location. In addition to that, the mentioned scene contains 9 different versions, with all the cast of LoF - including the buildup to a new surprise ending. So there was a lot of posing and setup, and less rendering. Thankfully, it's all done now and I can move on to less demanding scenes. Render totals for now are at 187, and animations frames are still at 1,306.

That it for this week. Have a nice weekend, and stay safe out there.

| adminот 16 июля 2021 16:18

JUL 16, 2021 AT 6:44 PM

Dev Diary, July 16th, 2021
I've been grinding away at the big scene I mentioned last week and it's all coming along, albeit at a slightly slower pace than normal.

To summerize, it takes 5 minutes to load the scene into Daz, and another 5 minutes to clear the scene. I'm also overshooting my 64gb of ram and 24gb of vram, so render initialization takes another 5 minutes. Also, 5 people in a scene means 150 finger joints that needs adjusting, so it's a bit more time consuming on the posing part.

But I'm getting there. I've also posed some animations, but for now they are backup animations I can render if my render queue empties out.

We're up to 951 story renders and animation frame count stands at the same number as last week at 8,522.

I also did a little count of how many actual scenes there are in this next chapter, and ended up on 18 (for now). This time there's also a little 'game', a musical number and a cinematic.

I've been getting some questions about the Cece figurine, and some concerns that it would not be suitable to put on display. Well, a picture shows more than a thousand words, so here it is.
As you can see, it should be perfectly suitable to be put on display. She's even got her custom made panties for the occasion.
That's really all there is to say for now. Next week I'll try to finish up this big scene, and the week after I will most likely go on a little trip with the family for a few days which is a perfect time to catch up on the renpy stuff on my Macbook.
Take care out there, and stay safe.

| adminот 15 мая 2021 01:35

MAY 14, 2021 AT 5:47 PM
Dev Diary, May 14th, 2021
A relatively quick post this week, as this period of development is more or less about pouring out renders none stop, while finalizing details in the script and setting up locations. Several of these dialogue scripts had me laughing out loud, and that is always a good sign.

It's a nice feeling returning to the same locations where LoF started before we went off to Lexi, and I think you'll see that especially Robin and Kira is very much at home where it all started out. In this chapter you will spend time with Cece, Linda, Robin and Kira (all of them, individually), with extended scenes depending on the girl of your choice.

Looking at the numbers, we're at 142 story renders, and 808 animated frames. I've selected the music for about 80% of the chapter, and for someone that likes for the music to play a huge part in the scenes I couldn't be more happy about the tunes. Not even the top stars in the world today would outdo these fantastic songs.

Well, I'm back to posing some more, but I wish you all a happy weekend. Stay safe.

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