Kathoey [v.0.1 + Incest patch] (2021) (Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android] [Demo]

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Описание материала
Год выпуска: 2021
Жанр: 3DCG, big tits, female domination, female protagonist, futa, trans, incest, interracial, lesbian, milf, multiple endings, multiple protagonist, ntr, teasing
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: www.patreon.com/afterchoices
Платформа: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android
Тип издания: В разработке
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: v.0.1
Other Games: Free Pass
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский

Системные требования (минимальные):
ОС Windows

Having been under pressure of a superstitious, conservative father and a critical community, May Kha always helped Mi Kha to cover her pain and tears with makeup. For a girl trapped in a male body, her elder sister May Kha has been her idol in her whole life. For Mi Kha, May Kha is not only a supportive sister, but also a second mother.
After her sex reassignment surgery (SRS), Mi Kha was invited to move in with her sister in the U.S. for about one year. May Kha is currently in a happy relationship with her soon-to-be-husband and is struggling with her life as a hard-working doctor.
On the other hand, Mi Kha is stepping into her new life as a girl and is about to make moves on her new dream of being an actress. Will the two sisters reach their goals? Or will they miss the directions? It all depends on your choices.​


Kathoey [v.0.1 + Incest patch] (2021) (Eng) [Ren'Py] [MacOS] [Linux] [Android] [Demo]

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"Downloaded from Porno-Island"

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Kathoey (4 файла)
apk Kathoey-0.1-Patched-Eng-universal-release.apk (89.68 Mb)
zip Kathoey-0.1-mac.zip (74.47 Mb)
zip Kathoey-0.1-pc.zip (190.07 Mb)
zip Kathoey_Incest_patch.zip (246 b)

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